Seasoned Boiled Arkshell 185g


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[Yeosusaegomak] Seasoned Boiled Arkshell 185g

We have added spiciness to the arkshell. The texture and flavor are preserved by minimizing the leakage of juice and nutrients by boiling the arkshell with its own moisture without using water. Because it contains a large amount of glucose, it has excellent flavor and texture.

Manufactured Environment

Yeosu, a major producer of cockle in Korea

Yeosu Bay in Yeosu is a breathing tidal flat designated by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries as “Wetland Protected Area No. 4”. It is a major production area that accounts for 73% of the nation's production of saengkomak, and Yeoja Bay and Suncheon Bay are tidal flats containing small amounts of sand and gravel.

Manufacturing Process

Carefully managed and manufactured stir-fried spicy cockle

After receiving the raw material, washing and sorting it, it is boiled with the moisture of the cockle instead of using water to minimize the leakage of juice and nutrients to preserve the texture and flavor. It is deshelled by ultra-fine vibration method and cleaned with disinfectant water after controlling microorganisms. The first X-RAY minimizes foreign substances and shells, and automatically weighs and vacuums the packaging. Finally, after X-RAY of the finished product, it is sterilized and rapidly frozen before shipment.

Verified Quality

Yeosu Saetymak verified with clean quality

It has received HACCP certification, a food safety management standard, and you can eat it with confidence through various other certificates.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Allergy Info This product contains eggs (poultry), milk, buckwheat, peanut, wheat, mackerel, shrimp, pork, peach, tomato, sulfurous acid, walnut, chicken, beef, squid, shellfish (including oyster, abalone, mussel), soybean, Manufactured in the same manufacturing facility as products using crab.
Manufacturer Yeosu Saegomak
Origin Yeosu, Jeollabuk-do
Ingredients Saekomak (domestic) 50%, sauce 50% [starch syrup and red pepper powder (made in China), sauce 1 (refined salt (domestic), L-sodium glutamate (flavor enhancer), DL-malic acid (acidic acid), brewed soy sauce, garlic])

Storage method: Store frozen at -18℃ or lower.

Note: Due to the nature of the product, there may be pieces of cockle rind. Please consume as soon as possible after opening. Do not refreeze as it has already been frozen.

This is a company that resembles the sea, a company that contains the sea, Yeosu Saegomak. We will always do our best with a sense of mission to “contribute to the affluent life of people with the right food”.

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고향생각나서 꼬막비빔 구매했어요 직접 채취해서 바로 삶아먹던 맛은 아니지만 추억속에 잠길만큼 고향의 맛을 느낄 수 있어 좋아요


남편 도시락으로 싸주기 좋아용.




꼬막이 살이 통통하고 잡내도 안나서 맘에 들었어요. 양념이 맵찔이인 저한테는 좀 맵고 짜고 양도 많아서 꼬막살을 건져서 밥에 비벼먹었어요.
맛있게 잘 먹었네요
담에 또 주문하려고 합니다.


꼬막양이 생각보다 많았어요. 채소 추가해서 2인분 적당한 양입니다. 매콤하고 맛있어요.


야채랑 김가루 넣고 비벼 먹었어요.


안 매운맛 이라고 그래서 간장베이스 양념인 줄 알았는데, 양념색은 빨갛습니다. 근데 맵다는 느낌은 거의 못 받았어요. 다른 분들 후기글 중 에 좀 비리다는 평이 있었는데 저도 조금 비린맛을 느끼긴 했습니다. 양념이 뭔가 제육볶음을 떠올리는 맛 이었어요. 전체적은 양은 성인 남성 주먹 정도 입니다.


냉동실에 늘 구매해 둬요. 재구매하고 있어요.


먹기전인데 기대됩니당


혹시나 싶어서 양념장 만들었는데 짭조름해서 양념장은 필요가 없이 콩나물 데쳐서 같이 비벼먹으니 꿀맛!