Trimmed half-dried Atka mackerel 400g
Trimmed half-dried Atka mackerel 400g
Trimmed half-dried Atka mackerel 400g
Trimmed half-dried Atka mackerel 400g
Trimmed half-dried Atka mackerel 400g
Trimmed half-dried Atka mackerel 400g

Trimmed half-dried Atka mackerel 400g


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[YP Seafood] Trimmed
half-dried Atka mackerel 400g

 It's a half-dried product of fresh and clean Donghae Atka mackerel 400g.

The chewy and crunchy taste is amazing.

Manufactured Environment

We carefully selected the Atka mackerel of Pohang and half-dried

 This is not salty, a half-dried right-eyed flounder that caught in 2021.

 It is freshly caught from the sea, trimmed to be easy to eat, semi-dried, and has excellent light and savory flesh.

 It's chewy and soft, so it's good for young children and the elderly to eat.

How to Use

It's clean, hygienic, and very easy to handle!

 Atka mackerel is rich in oleic acid, potassium, and retinol to protect vision, keep blood vessels healthy, and give skin elasticity.

 You can simply bake it in an air fryer or you can season it with soy sauce, garlic and bake it crispy.

 If you make it with fish boiled in spiced soy sauce, you can enjoy a lighter taste.

Verified Quality

It is an excellent seafood made hygienically by the latest HACCP facilities!

 The factory, designed to meet the latest hygiene standards, manufactures to strict management standards.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

 It is YP seafood that has been in place for a long time in Guryongpo, Pohang. Raw materials are purchased directly from the fishing market , and the latest HACCP facilities are hygienically processed and produced.

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강원도에서 임연수 먹으면서 자란 1인으로서 정말 만족스러운 퀄리티였어요👍 크기가 엄청 큰건 아니지만 적당하게 잘 말려져서 살이 쫀득쫀득 맛있고 먹을게 많습니다. 그리고 많이 들어있어요!
몇마리는 구워먹고 나머지 몇개는 이번에 같이 시켜본 시래기를 아래깔고 무도 깔고 감자도 넣고 조림했는데 대만족이고 국물도 넘 맛나게 나와서 제주도 갈치조림 부럽지 않게 먹었어요:)
필레 위주로 먹던 아이들에게는 가시가 귀찮을수 있는데 적당히 건조 된 탓에 가시가 억세지 않아 저는 구이나 조림이나 그냥 부드럽게 씹어 먹었어요:) 큰 팟 하나 해서 세끼는 먹었는데 아직도 그 조림의 짭쪼롬한 국물 맛이 생각납니다ㅠㅠ
꼭 시래기 같이 주문해서 올려드세요오!!


살도 싱싱한 맛있어요 고등어랑 번갈아서 상에 내 놓는데 이건 기름기가 많고 상이 부드러워서 아이들이 좋아 할 거 같아요. 또 시켜 먹을려구요. 추천해요


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사이즈가 크지 않아서 가족 수가 많은 집은 한팩으로 부족할 수도 있을 듯요.




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